By increasing your FOCUS, direction, and by being intentional, your days are sure to feel more purposeful. The FOCUS Journal is designed to guide you and help create lasting change by assisting you to become more mindful of your inner power. Each day you open this journal you have the opportunity to set a powerful and intentional tone for the day ahead by identifying areas of gratitude, personal accomplishments, self affirmations, and reflection on the quote of the day.
168 unique positive affirmations are provided in the back of the journal as well as instruction for creating your own personal affirmation. Each day comes with a new quote that you are encouraged to reflect upon and write how you will apply the message in your life that day. 
A journal is not complete without open reflection and personal exploration. You are not confined to the lines on a page, but given a blank canvas to let your imagination and expression create in a way that feels right to you in that moment. 128 creative journal prompts are also in the back of the journal to help spark that creativity and guide you in self exploration. 
Customer Feedback:
"I love this Journal! It is the perfect size and space to be direct and intentional with my thoughts. It is so well named because it really does help me focus! I love that it helps me refelct and dig without being overwhelming. I love the variety of included affirmations. It is crazy, the wonderful transformation that I have seen after using it daily, even just in the first 7 days. Anyone having a desire  for better focus, attitude, and positivity, will benefit from using this journal." 
"I use my journal everyday! My favorite part is the affirmations. You really outdid yourself on this one!"
"It really has helped!! I am LOVING this journal. I already loved journaling but having it be focused and the questions to answer helps so much. I am a person who needs direction when journaling and this is just so perfect."

FOCUS- A Guided Journal to Create Lasting Change in Your Life

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