To help others identify and break through the barriers holding them back from creating the life they deserve and desire.

Craig T. Smith, therapist with over a decade of experience located in Utah, smiling with a red heart drawn on his palm, smiling while looking at the camera with a Utah mountain scenic view behind him

About Craig T. Smith, LCSW


Founder and Owner of Greatest Day Mindset Counseling


I’m Craig Smith, I am a powerful man of God, a patient, present, loving father and husband. I am a FAITH spreader, a LOVE giver, and a HOPE dealer. I strive to live every day attracting love, success, and abundance into my life and inspire as many people as I can to do the same.

I realize that is not the expected answer most people have when they ask the question "tell me about yourself". Most people describe themselves by what they do, or get paid to do. I am blessed enough to get paid to serve others as a Licensed Therapist and Coach. I have also created a very impactful guided journal, global podcast, and now this coaching platform. I am very grateful each time someone trusts me enough to be a support in their continued growth and healing journey.

For over a decade, I have helped my clients change their mindset and create the desired change in their lives. We all have programming in our subconscious that doesn’t serve us, but most don’t know how to uncover it or what to do with it when they do. I’m here to help with just that!

I am a father to 3 amazing sons that regularly remind me about my true purpose in this life. I have been married to wife for 18 years and recently added 2 dogs to the family.


What is the Greatest Day Mindset?

The Greatest Day Mindset is a lifestyle, a way of living every day with a positive attitude. It is choosing to be happy and live your life with energy, no matter your circumstances. Today truly is the only day you have to live, shape, and create who it is you want to become so choose to 


Craig T. Smith with his 3 sons and wife sitting on a sofa hugging each other