It's like having a therapist in your pocket!

The Inner Greatness Community is a vibrant and inclusive network of individuals dedicated to unlocking and nurturing the unique potential within themselves. Through shared experiences, support, and resources, our community members embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Together, we explore the paths to realizing our inner greatness, fostering connections, and cultivating a positive impact on both our lives and the world around us.

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Meet like-minded people who are as equally passionate about unlocking their inner greatness as you are. 

✓Join an uplifting and encouraging community that will hold you accountable in your journey to inner greatness




✓Monthly challenges to keep you on track towards inner greatness.

✓Experience the power of collective accountability within our vibrant community.

✓Forge a pathway to accountability by integrating Craig's extensive knowledge into your dedicated practice.



Weekly interactive lives to connect, talk about your progress, obstacles and learn from everyone in the community.

Send Craig your Q&A, “It’s like a having a therapist in your pocket”.

✓Monthly live expert trainings with guest speakers who are experts in their field.


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a library of 1,000+ minutes of live trainings with Craig T. Smith and Experts in the field of Inner Greatness!

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What our community members are saying... 

"Instead of scrolling through instagram, I scroll through the inner greatness community! I really enjoy the monthly challenges, they keep me on track and focused on what I need to be working on and the community aspect makes it so much more powerful than if I was doing it on my own. I really like that I get to meet the members during the weekly lives and learn not only from Craigs expertise but from others as well."


"Being a part of this community has been so fun. It’s nice to have a group of supportive people who can help by their different aspects and advice. I love that it’s support that is given and not a judgement feeling.. I truly feel everyone here wants the best for me (and everyone) to succeed in all I or we do."


"THIS! 🎉👏🎊 This is why I’m here and not in another group. Your approach to life just feels so right. I needed this today, thank you!"


"I love all the circles and getting a bit of information in one of the circles each day. I love the live calls the most because it gives an opportunity to learn and ask questions.
This community has benefited me because it puts gratitude at the forefront of my mind. I drove my kiddo to school Tuesday and thought 'I am so thankful for another day.' "


"Loved the last 2 challenges on Values and Communication. I have already learned so much more about myself this year than the previous.

The communication challenge opened up some closed doors and feelings along the way. opening my eyes wide.

Very much excited for the next one. 😃"


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