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Join our community and be a part of the 30 day gratitude challenge!

One of the many perks of being a part of the Focus on Gratitude Community is that you get motivational tools like challenges, where you get to participate with other individuals who are in a similar journey of creating their Greatest Life! 

What our community members are saying...

"There's so much engagement between everyone and it's so fun to share and connect."

"The community literally helped me break habits that were holding me back from seeing and being more productive and grateful for more then I realized."

"I have a more positive outlook. I feel more grateful which makes me more motivated to work And more motivated to serve my family."

"I loved that it was much more than being grateful. It was a way to change habits and views and really set me up for 2024"

"I just think as more people learn to see the world with a grateful eyes, life becomes easier and more blessings will happen. Because they are already there you just need to see it, and working on being grateful will help you to see it."

"The community helped me to accomplish my daily challenge they would hype you up and that was awesome. Also their messages it’s inspiring for sure."

"I noticed that Craig is always challenging us to be grateful in many different ways not like everyone else does. Doing it just helped me to be aware of so much more."

"It just made me realize that even though I practice gratitude there is always more to be grateful for."

"I thought the app and platform were really cool and user friendly."

"I have found more ways to recognize the good around me and even better ways to see the value in myself."

"I started to notice that I am a really kind, fun person who has a lot to offer. It also made me notice that I matter to the people around me."

Did you know? 

Being a part of a gratitude community can offer numerous benefits that positively impact your mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. Here are some key advantages of being in a gratitude-focused community:

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